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Rain Drawing Spell ….

Rain Drawing Spell by
Materials: wand
If your   able to take your wand and cast your circle out of doors.
If unable to   go  outdoors; indoors will do. Turn to the east and raise your wand and say:
"Elemental Air so wild and free
Bring a wild storm to me.”
Turn to the south and raise you wand and say:
"Elemental lFire bring lightning to flash
Let it bring forth noise, let thunder crash.”
Turn to the  west and raise your wand and say:
"Elemental Water Mermaids from the  watery abyss
Bless the ground with you watery kiss.”
Turn to the north and raise your wand and say:
"Elemental earth so parched and dry
Arid and waiting for the clouds to cry.”
After speaking to the Elementals raise your wand and speak the last part of the incantation:
"Hear my voice, hear me and heed
Bring forth the rain that we so need.”
Rain usually follows within 20 minutes to an hour.
Author: Lilith Storm           

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